Monarch 26 Inch Step-Thru Fat Tire Electric Bike


With the 750W high-powered motor and 4inch fat tires, The Monarch can easily conquer uphill terrain and rediscover the thrill of youth. Experience super labor-saving commutes and climbing without breaking a sweat, and move more easily than ever before.


750w Brushless Gear Hub Motor

With the 750W high-powered motor, you can easily conquer uphill terrain and rediscover the thrill of youth. Experience super labor-saving climbing without breaking a sweat and move more easily than ever before, even surpassing the physical capabilities of young people.

Agile, Speed, Quality

The built-in LG battery, removable and more hidden, makes it possible to ride in any weather, the 4.0'' anti-puncture reflective tires and hydraulic disc brakes make it easy to control the bike on all terrains.

Large Load Capacity

With a generous load capacity of 400 lbs, the Monarch is the ideal ebike for heavy riders who need to carry a lot of gear on their journeys. This model also stands out from other ebike brands due to its much larger rear rack, which offers even more convenience and storage space for riders.

Up to 55 miles of Range

Enjoy a thrilling and joyful ride with your family this weekend. Why not get on an electric bike and make unforgettable memories with your loved ones?

Ride to your camping spot with ease!

It's cost-effective, eco-friendly, and allows easy navigation through various terrains. The electric motor provides an extra boost and eliminates the need for parking or gas.

LOGAN Hydraulic Disc Brakes

We use the LOGAN hydraulic disc brake, which is characterized by high stability, low reaction force and high safety factor, as an oil brake. Compared to wire brakes, which are prone to aging, corrosion, overuse or brake fracture, oil brakes are also safer than wire brakes.

High Strength Frame

Ride with confidence, our ebike's frame is built to last! Our ebike's frame is rigorously tested, enduring 150,000 vibration tests for strength and durability. Paired with hydraulic disc brakes, our bike ensures a balanced and stable ride even when cycling downhill or off-road, without any violent shaking.